Wild in Art - Bee in the City

Augmented reality charity app

The project

Prolific North app fo the year 2019 winner

During my time at Mediaworks I completed the design on a series of apps for Wild in Art, including the very popular Bee in the City, based in Manchester. All the apps were built with the engagment of users across all ages, getting them out exploring different cities and places.


Over 20,000

App downloads.

1.2 million

Sculptue unlocks

24 million

Steps walked using the pedometer

Augmented Reality

The app was focused around a set of community created sculptures, placed around the city of Manchester with users collecting the different Bees, and unlocking special rewards including freebies and discount codes along the way.

One Bee was unique in that it had an AR counterpart, a first for the Wild in Art trails.

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