Sainburys In-Queue

Professional Colbatoration

The brief

Working directly with the Sainsburys design team

Identify the typical touchpoints customers have with colleagues in store and consider how we might empower our colleagues, with the right choice of digital experience, to provide exemplary service for our customers. How might we make this a delightful experience for customers, and one which is distinctly Sainsbury’s, reflective of the warmth of our brand?


Research highlighted that customers have grievances with the time spent waiting in queues, resulting in their satisfaction not being as high as it could be otherwise.


To reduce the time customers spend in queues, and as a result increase customer satisfaction. In addition to increasing business profits as a result of quicker, and easier sales.


Looking at the current, average time spent queueing trying to pay for products without the implementation of the solution and comparing it to the time after the implementation.

The solution

Portable point-of-sale

Employees are equipped with a portable sales tool, to help customers skip long queues, arrange deliveries and get all the information they need.

Customers can quickly buy one or two items,and get more information on a product

Employees can rrange for an item to be home delivered, offer alternatives on products out of stock, and quickly log in without an abundance of passwords - a research pain point.


In store

Over 500,00 itema are sold per week, with the average basket size being 10 items.

This is from all checkouts.


Over three days we looked at the average basket size of 125 Self Checkout customers who on average purchased 3.73 items

18, of these 125 purchased a new bag, and only 5 customers buying less than 5 items purchased a bag.


In theory, the idea is plausible, with most customers either being prepared with their own bags, or not needing them.

This allows them to quickly walk in, get their items and leave.

The outcome

How would it work

Using an iPad, or any other tablet device, equipped with a bar code scanner and electronic sales connectivity, Contactless, Chip and Pin, or mobile pay options.

There will be a database of all products, accessible via the device, as well as systems in place to allow the device to be used as a point of sale.

With training for the employees to use the system, to allow for an easy, and streamlined experience for the customer.

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