Who I am

I like to think of myself as a UX problem solver. I thrive on getting into the nitty-gritty depths of a project, to make sure every aspect, be it a product or service is as smooth and as functional as possible, for any user. From apps, to online media, or physical interactions, I continuously focus on creating intuitive, seamless, and pleasing interactions, as I value usability over aesthetics (to a certain degree).

A product might be the most beautiful ever constructed but, if the user cannot easily navigate it; the beauty is lost.

Beautiful design should be shared through outstanding user experiences.

My Resume

More about myself

2014 - 2017

Interaction Design BA (HONS) at Northumbria University

2nd Class Upper Division with Honours

Throughout the degree I acquired invaluable skills in user centric design, for UI, UX, as well as numerous research skills, and design methodologies.

2012 - 2015

Business / ICT / Media / Psychology at Caldew School, Dalston

C / C / C / C.

During my time at Caldew School, Dalston, I completed 4 full A-Levels. All of which played a part in my progression to studying Interaction Design at Northumbria.

Jan 2018 - Present

User Experience Designer at Mediaworks

Working on a range of client projects, including conceptualisation and early design development through wireframes supported by user, and competitors' research to assist the Design Team. Collaboratively designing iterations on the output in accordance to client feedback and natural project development.

Additionally, working on a wide range of Click Rate Optimisation clients from a UX perspective, with the aid of data and analytics to design A/B tests for website iteration and improvement through the designing of wireframes and basic concept prototypes using Sketch and InVision. Working with both internal, and external Design & Development teams.

Oct 2017

User Experience Designer at Team TAO

After the success of my work with Soil Machine Dynamics, I spent one week working alongside, and onsite with Team Tao (associated with SMD) to assist the Finalist X-Prize team in the design and production of a management dashboard for their Ocean Discovery competition entry.

Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

User Experience Designer at TANDEM

Starting as a 6 week contract working to design a new system, and service to increase a range of business metrics, whilst improving the customer service and experience for JC Atkinson customers. The design process included working through a range of wire-frames, constantly iterating based on regular client meetings and ensuing vision changes to ensure the clients' needs, and wants were met in the form of prototypes.

Towards the end of the initial 6 week contract I began working with a second client, Soil Machine Dynamics on new, all-inclusive digital system with a similar aim of creating an industry revolutionising concept to benefit a wide range of stakeholders. Through my work for SMD my contract with TANDEM was extended far beyond the initial 6 weeks only ending with the completion of a prototype system. During the design phase I regularly led presentations to the upper management of SMD and facilitated in ideation sessions.


User Research

Utilising a range of methodologies including Gorilla Testing, and Data Driven iteration through various tracking softwares including Google Tag Manager Analytics, and Hotjar User Recording to ensure the designed and developed product is tailored to the specific and real world user needs.

Also using the assets available in-house for the quick testing and proofing of low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes via pen & paper, for swift iteration before producing high-fidelity mockups prior to development.



I have experience using the following range of programs for usability testing, interaction design, prototyping, user flows, wireframing, and design:

Adobe Creative Suite | Sketch | InVison | Proto.io, and more.


Video Production

From planning, to shooting, to editing. I have a passion for cinematography, both production and consumption.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England

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