Who Am I?

I like to think of myself as a UX problem solver. I thrive on getting into the nitty-gritty depths of a project, to make sure every aspect, be it a product or service is as smooth and as functional as possible, for any user. From apps, to online media, or physical interactions, I continuously focus on creating intuitive, seamless, and pleasing interactions, as I value usability over aesthetics (to a certain degree).

A product might be the most beautiful ever constructed but, if the user cannot easily navigate it; the beauty is lost.

Beautiful design should be shared through outstanding user experiences.

My Skills

User Interface

Crisp and clean visuals are an important aspect of any project, grabbing the users attention.


Visuals only get the user so far. Intuitive interactions are the core of any product.


Through Arduino, and Processing I throughly enjoy bringing a digital concept into reality.

Video Production

From planning, to shooting, to editing. I have a passion for cinematography, both production and consumption.


Investing time into preperation before production leaves more time for itteration.


A product needs to be a fit for the target market, but also usable for the wider audience.

My Education

Interaction Design BA (Hons)

2nd Class Upper Division with Honours

Northumbria University
September 2014 - May 2017

Throughout the degree I acquired invaluable skills in user centric design, for UI, UX, as well as numerous research skills, and design methodolagies.

A-Levels - C / C / C / C

Business / ICT / Media / Psychology

September 2012 - June 2015

During my time at Caldew School, Dalston, I completed 4 full A-Levels. All of which played a part in my progression to studying Interaction Design at Northumbria.

My Experience

Student Ambassador

September 2015 - May 2017

During my second year at university I was selected to be the course ambassador. I aided during the interview process, and provided a deeper insight into the course of applicants.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England